Amazon has given an official statement that it will soon launch a new Amazon Echo device for the people of India. The Device will support three Indian languages that are Hindi, Marathi, and Tamil. Moreover, the cost of this device would be very less.

Amazon Alexa SetupAlthough Amazon has millions of customers base in the US and almost every individual is familiar with its Echo device. Many people use this Echo device as their assistant to perform household tasks like opening or closing door, play music, know weather information, traffic routes information, etc. This device is still strange to Indians because it only supports the English language and many people in India do not prefer speaking English, and thus no one buys the Echo device.

Amazon has deployed a massive workforce and around $5 billion of its money to make its products gain popularity in India and thus increase its customer base. Still, after making too many efforts, it has not gained a significant number or users. So this time Amazon has thought of introducing its Echo device to India in few Indian languages. It has included Hindi, Tamil, and Marathi for this new Echo device as these languages are known to many of the Indians. Hindi covers almost all of the North India whereas Tamil and Marathi is known to the majority of the population in South India. Thus it is estimated that all the people of India will take an interest in this device.

Amazon Echo HelpThis device works with the help of an application called Alexa. Alexa is the app that will understand the voice commands and perform the requested tasks. Earlier the Alexa was designed only to interpret the voice commands given in English but now people are working to modify the Alexa to understand the voice commands in the given three regional languages. To make it perform any task, you only need to speak “Alexa followed by the work you want it to do” for e.g. to open the door you should say: “Alexa open the door.”

Amazon is making efforts to make this echo device ready as soon as possible so that it could announce the release of this device before the end of this year. It will not only facilitate the users to perform some household tasks but also allow them to reserve a cab online, Book tickets, make online transactions, etc.

The price for this Amazon Echo is not decided yet. Still, it is being expected that the price for this Echo device will not be less enough to be easily affordable for almost everyone. This device will gain a huge customer base due to its excellent, exceptional features. So, right now you need to wait for its release so that you could place your order for this Echo device. Also, keep yourself updated with other upcoming news on it to know a final releasing date.

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