According to Economic Times report, Amazon has witness the hike of 80% to Rs1,138 Crore in the sales of Amazon Kindle Tablets up to March this year in India. This report is according to the documents filed by Amazon Seller Services, the online giant’s US based main local unit. The Amazon has not revealed any information on the revenues of its other various products. You can take help from Kindle Com Support for more information on Kindle.

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The actual increment in the sales of Kindle is at 200 percent according to the report published in February 2016 on GadgetsNow. The book lovers all over the world preferred to read e-book than any physical book. In India, the users after start using Kindle have consumed 10 times more than the physical books. But, In US, the increment is only 4 times. The market size, availability of local regional language content, and introduction of new channels for sales are the main reasons behind the hike of sales of Kindle in India. The availability of Amazon Kindle Support every time has also contributed to this success.

India is an enthusiastic consumer of books. The time that Indians spend in reading no one else in the world spends. The NOP World Culture Score has been keeping track of consuming habits of global media and it states that the Indian consumers spend 10.7 hours per week time in reading in comparison to the readers of Thailand and China who spend 9.4 and 8 hours respectively. According to a report by Frankfurt Book fair, the e-book and e-book reader sales are dignified to increase in India.

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Amazon has the succession of over 3 million books and you can read any of them by paying the subscription of Rs 150 per month. Please contact Kindle Support for more information on the available content. The cheapest Kindle that you will get today in Kindle family of Amazon is at Rs 5999. Amazon also has a huge variety of content for the publishers of India. Every month the e-commerce giant puts up a selection of books that are discounted by minimum 60 percent. These deals are known as Kindle Monthly Deals. You can get information about these deals at Amazon Kindle Customer Service.  The books are available in many Indian languages and this helps Amazon in reaching the unexploited rural and regional market in India.

Flipkart exited the market of e-books in 2015 and Infibeam Pi exited in 2012. So, the Amazon Kindle enjoys the monopoly in India in terms of content and hardware. You will agree to this thing that there is no alluring alternate for Kindle in India right now. The only potential competition that has been left is with those who offer e-books through smartphone applications.

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Amazon has an unswerving strategy for improving the functioning efficiency to lower the prices for the consumers. The price updating is done every day and it also includes striking shipping offers. You can check out all this at www Kindle com Support.