If you are don’t have the Amazon Fire TV on your side, then just buy an Element’s electronics Fire TV edition to stream your favorite content easily.

Fire TVAll Fire TV users, How your streaming is going with your Amazon’s digital media player? If you are a Fire Tv user, then there is no doubt that you must be having a spectacular entertaining experience. With the easy to use interface and other features, the Fire TV has grabbed the attention of almost all the fine Amazon users around the world.

With such an intense growing competition, Amazon’s digital media player is finding different ways to cut the competition and reach out to the wider audience, mostly the non-amazon users. And the best way that the digital media player has found is to get integrated with the TV sets of third party companies to get the boost in the market among the users of that particular third party company.

Fire TV SupportIn the list of such third parties, Element’s electronics is the first one to come up with the latest Fire TV enabled 4K TV’s, which is also available at Amazon. The Fire TV’s enabled TV’s are unique and has got some of the fine features. It’s very similar to the Roku TVs from TCL and LeEco’s nd Sony’s Android TV’s in the market. The best thing to have this TV is that the users will easily get the experience of full fire TV without spending any extra bucks.

The latest edition of this lineup of TV’s is available in the 65 inches, 43 inches, 55 inches, and 50 inches, priced at $449.99. And as you are aware that these are the 4K TV’s, so you will also get the quality picture out of these classic TV sets. In the latest 4K TV sets, there are 4 HDMI ports in which one supports the ARC and also two USB ports (2.0 and 3.0). Apart from this, all the users will also get a compatible SD card slot, headphone, Ethernet, component/composite, and optical audio out ports. Here, Ethernet will also be a center of attraction for all the users to take the best advantage of it. As it will provide the fastest internet connection like a wired connection and the 4K will also access the large portion of bandwidth.

Fire TV HelpBy having the Fire TV built in, the users will also get the ability to have the Alexa experience in the whole operating system on the new TV, which is one of the fine features to have on the TV. All the users can also access the treasure of 15000 Alexa skills, channels, and apps. In the apps list, there will be HBO NOW, Netflix, Hulu, SHOWTIME, Google Play Movies and TV, Vudu, Fandango Now, Prime video and much more on the list.

Besides this, if you head to buy the HD Antenna bundle, you will also get the ability to access the over-the-air channels that are available on the TV. There is also a fine voice remote that is Alexa enabled comes with the TV. So, the latest collection of these TV sets comes with the two amazing remotes, including the Amazon Fire TV remote and a normal remote, which is very similar to the Fire TV set-top boxes that Amazon already sells in the market.

The pricing of all the sets includes- the 55 inch at $649, 43-inch at $449, and 65-inch at $749. They might sound very expensive, but they are worth the cash. The users of these sets are also eligible for the two-day free shipping from Amazon. Well, to have the 6r-inch model, you may require having a separate appointment to be delivered due to the large size factor.

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