Here check it out the answer of China to the Amazon Echo is the LingLong DingDong, for more you need to run your vision to the following content.

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The Amazon Echo get the activation when you utter “Alexa” and the Google Home response to “Ok, Google”. But one thing they both cannot do, guess what? They can’t speak or understand Chinese.

And it’s something they might want to look into since Juniper Research predicts that the China Smart Home market will be worth around $23 billion by 2018.

Enter the LingLong DingDong.

amazon echosetup helpNope, you are not reading The Onion, that’s what the thing is called.

The, ahem, DingDong costs the identical of $US118 dollars (The Echo is $US180 and Google Home grips the cost $US130) and comes from the company LingLong (Beijing).

Charlie Liu, LingLong’s senior marketing manager told Wired that the DingDong’s top holds the circular shape and square at the bottom to represent the of tiānyuán dìfāng (ancient Chinese concept) which depicts that “heaven is round and the Earth is square”.

It looks and sounds a lot like the Echo, and this is no accident. Liu himself admits that DingDong holds the immense influence of Echo for its development, with the crucial difference being language. Besides, Lie adds that they had been working on this device for a good while, so it’s more homage than a copycat.

Well, DingDong grasps the ability to understand and speak Mandarin, Cantonese and basic English means the mostly influence of Chinese language. We know the sound is quite funny, but it’s actually pretty deep.  Ling Long, which means ‘the spirit of prosperity’ and Ding Dong is Chinese onomatopoeia for a

Alas! ‘Ding dong’ has other meaning in English, which may be an issue for the marketing team over at Ling Long.

amazon echo supportAt least in its home nation, the coming time looks pretty shining the LingLong Ding Dong. The Amazon Echo grips the limited functionality in China, and Google has a popularly uneasy relationship with the venue.

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