Amazon Echo and Domino’s has gone through an agreement that will now enable the people to order a Domino’s Pizza by giving voice commands to their Amazon Echo device.

Although Amazon Echo includes a lot many exciting features and is capable of managing many house hold appliances, booking shows, cabs, movie tickets, etc. Still, the Amazon Amazon Echo Helpkeeps on adding new features to its Echo devices, and now it has bought up with new functionality to order Pizza from Domino’s by just using the voice commands. Recently the Chief Executive officer of Domino’s Mr. David Wild stated that now Amazon Echo’s users will be able to order Domino’s pizza using their voice commands. Amazon Echo is now made capable of ordering the Pizza using simple voice commands. Mr. David Wild also said that “Following a successful trial, we’ll be rolling out GPS, which will enable customers to track their delivery and help franchisees with labour management.” He said that “the British consumers are more cautious about economic outlook” so the company needs to focus on growth. Thus if they find that Amazon Echo is the best way to place an order, then the company might even introduce the GPS tracking feature so that users can track the location of order and thus do the estimation for delivery time. The online tracking information will improve the customer experience and thus encourage people to place orders for Domino’s rather than preferring another brand.

Amazon Echo SetupEase to place orders using the Amazon Echo will also increase the sales for Domino’s. For the first half of last year, Domino’s sale increased by 10.5 per cent while it achieved 17 per cent rise in the second half of that same year. Now it is being estimated that this figure might improve to a large extent. Recently Domino’s opened a new British outlet due to which its profit figures rose by 9 percent and thus became £44.6 million. Domino’s business team reported that the first five-six months of this 2017 have proved to be right regarding companies progress.

The upcoming generation loves and appreciates technology. Thus the companies also need to update them with the new technologies to maintain their stability in the market. Everyone is technology driven and wants to get things easily. So Domino’s found the Amazon Echo SupportAmazon Echo as the best technology to increase the customer engagement. Now people don’t need to download the applications for Dominos nor need to visit the Domino’s official sites for placing an order as they can directly make an order by giving simple voice commands to Alexa for operating their Amazon Echo. Now they don’t need to waste time in searching the best Pizza deals and other weekend offers from Domino’s as they can just ask Alexa to read out all the available offers. This feature will be soon available on all Amazon Echo devices. Domino’s has updated its online software systems for receiving orders from Amazon Echo devices.

So it’s a perfect time for all including Domino’s, Amazon Echo and its users as they all have something new this time.

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