Amazon Echo Dot is small sweet voice activated speaker that is much cheaper then Amazon Echo. Is it the one that you should buy? Find the answer in this article in which we have given a review of Amazon Echo Dot.

amazon echo supportAmazon Echo Dot is a tiny speaker which is voice enabled and is almost Like Amazon Echo and Google Home. But Echo Dot is much cheaper and smaller than Echo. Echo’s Alexa is a wonderful digital assistant that helps you in controlling your smart home devices, playing music for, booking a cab for you, preparing a to-do list for you, and much more.


The Echo Dot will cost you just 49.99 pounds from Amazon and it comes two colors black and white. These colors might suit your living room where you are planning to keep it. Amazon now offers leather and fabric covers which come in various colors. You can add these while ordering your Echo Dot. The Echo Dot is much cheaper than Echo.

Features And Design

amazon echo helpThe major difference between Echo and Echo Dot is that Echo Dot doesn’t have a big speaker like Echo. It still has a small in-built speaker. So, the quality and volume of Echo dot is not same as of Echo. Another difference is that it doesn’t have a small rotating ring at the top. It has a 2 volume buttons, a microphone mute, and a multi-purpose button, which are same as of Echo. Amazon Echo Setup is also not difficult.

The Dot has 7 microphones and can hear you from a room. It can also act as wireless Bluetooth speaker, pair it with your phone or tablet and play music wirelessly.

Dot’s built in speaker is perfect for Alexa as her voice is very clear and loud enough It is also good for flash briefing. For more information, Amazon Echo Help, can be taken.


Alexa and her qualities are almost same as of Echo. When it comes to answering general amazon echo supportquestions, Alexa is no match for Google Assistant of Google Home. But once you understand her weaknesses and strengths you will surely think before asking anything from Alexa.
She will tell you jokes and there are many thigs that you can ask her to get funny responses. Alexa is the best at the practical stuff like setting timers, playing music, checking if train is late, booking cab, turning on and off the lights and much more. Many skills of Alexa need to be enabled before they work. More skills are added every week to Alexa, so it is growing day by day and getting smarter as well. To know more about the skills of Alexa you can contact Amazon Echo Support.


Echo dot is not of much use without Amazon Prime subscription. Having a Prime subscription will enable you to order certain things through Alexa and track their delivery. You can disable this feature or set a PIN for using sit so that its misuse can be prevented.

The bottom line is that you need Prime subscription for using Amazon music part not for using Alexa and its skills. If you want, you can download 250 songs free to your Amazon account and Alexa will play these along with the music bought by you.

Final Verdict

amazon alexaThe Echo Dot is the best choice for many people. The only difference between Echo and Echo dot is that the in-built speaker is not so good, so you can use it with Bluetooth speakers. Alexa is useful in every aspect. In case of any difficulty or any query you can log on to www Amazon Com Echosetup.