Adoring your Amazon echo would be more with the upcoming ravishing features. With some new killing features, Amazon Alexa is also ready to give the best experience in advance.

Amazon Echo Support

Are you enjoying the company of Alexa? Yeah, I know you are absolutely loving the device to make your life smarter and beautiful. With the easiness to do any kind of work, the digital voice assistant has changed the way of dealing with the complex tasks of daily routine life.  With ravishing features and promising services, the device has proven its dominance nature in the market. The diverse collection of devices, which includes Amazon echo, Amazon echo dot, and Amazon echo tap.  the smart speaker has built up the royal goodwill of the e-commerce mammoth in the market. With such kind of diversity, the device is adding millions of new users in the market.  So, all the new Alexa lovers, if you counter any problem in setting up the device, you can navigate to Amazon Alexa Setup to set your device effectively. The Amazon Alexa, which is capable of booking you an Uber, controlling all your lighting stuff and helping in the kitchen are the things you have already witnessed. But, the thing which is creating a buzz in the market is the upcoming new features, which will definitely blow your mind off. According to the Amazon VP of Alexa (Rohit Prasad), the voice assistance will soon become a real-life tech device.

Let’s crack down those awaiting features –

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  1. Experience Better Conversations – As you guys are aware that you can ask any question related to Alexa for having the best possible answers. Here, the new thing which the VP ( Rohit Prasad) said in an interview with Backchannel, is that the digital voice assistant will soon serve you with better follow-up questions. This will make your conversation more meaningful.
  2. Effective Vocabulary – With better knowledge of vocabulary, Alexa will soon come up with this amazing feature. In the interview, the VP said that the team is working on enabling the Alexa with the long lasting and systematic vocabulary, which will work with the first and third party apps. This actually means that you will be able to talk to your Alexa device naturally anyhow with Wats app or any other third party services.
  3. The Proactive Notifications – Apart from its answering capability, the Alexa will soon become smart enough to contact you in any emergency. There might be a day when Alexa will remind you about the important meeting on a particular day when she will sense your movement in the house. Till now, you can take it as a possibility. According to Rohit Prasad, they want to do some things related to the notification feature. But, they can’t reveal the approaching factor.
  4. amazon echo supportMore Sense To Skills – There are many features to adore about Alexa. There are many features which you are even using on daily basis. But how about getting the required knowledge regarding the third party devices that you buy. Alexa will soon be ready to educate you about the third part skills, even if you are not aware of the skill. Besides these upcoming skills, if you counter any issue with the existing features, you can navigate to Amazon Echo Help for better solutions.
  5. New Alexa Devices – With such kind of features, you will need powerful Alexa enabled speakers from other parties and Amazon. Well, there has been a buzz over the partnering of Amazon echo and Intel to build a powerful Intel-powered smart speaker. This partnership also points to the next generation amazon echo device, which could be a mini computer with a fascinating touch display.